Letting Go Of Labels


Letting Go of Labels

Are you tired of living with the labels that have been given to you by others? Are you ready to release these labels and show the world who you truly are? In this class we will: Explore these labels and the effects it has had on our lives and the day to day decisions we make. Release the labels that no longer serve and resonate with you. Offer forgiveness and self love- Live Sound Meditation will be provided. Create a Tree of Life that represents your authentic self.

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Molly Rahe is a Sound Healer, Reiki Master, Soul Movement Coach, and Holistic Music Teacher. She uses her connection with sound vibration, Angels, and Guides to empower others to find their SoulBration- the inner calling of your Soul that connects you to your most authentic self. A natural-born teacher, Molly creates a safe space for healing and spiritual growth. Molly believes that if we learn how to release things that are holding us back, learning self-love becomes easier. In knowing our truest self, we can honor our soul’s purpose in this lifetime.


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