Uplifting Your Life-The Qigong Way


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There are a variety of ways to bring relaxation and upliftment into our lives throughout the day, and Qigong is one of those ways.  Practicing regularly, you can build new neural pathways to feeling good on a regular basis and let go of old patterns where you may feel stuck.  Qigong is the movement and cultivation of Universal life force energy, and engaging with Life in this way expands your self-mastery of your emotions, thoughts, and body.  It’s building a stronger, more positive and connected relationship with your WHOLE self, and Oneness with All.

In this workshop, Taquenda Tammy Bray (of Divine Shine) will share about the concepts of universal energy in our everyday lives and our world, AND you will engage in Qigong and energy experiences through exercises, movement and meditation that is accessible by all.  No previous experience or knowledge of Qigong is necessary.  And of course, this day will be infused with the energy of Joy