What’s Your Soul Story


When you hear the term, “Book of Life,” an image comes to mind; each of us actually has a true book of life which exists in the Akasha. Akasha is a Sanskrit term which means ether, most easily understood as the energy world or that from which all things are formed.

The Akashic Records hold within it the secrets of our Soul, who we are, past life information, karmic blocks and restrictions, objectives of this lifetime.

The intention of this class is to take a closer look at the Akashic Records, why we might want to access our record, how we can access our record, and what to do with the information we glean from our record. We will talk about a “Soul’s Story,” what it is, how our soul’s story is written, do we have control of our story.

Learning the Truth of who you were created to be is a very empowering experience placing you securely in the fast lane of your spiritual journey,